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Grzegorz Słota

1 Dec 2022

When it snows 2023

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As the days grow shorter, many people begin to wonder when the snow will fall. A sizable portion not only keeps up to date with weather forecasts, but also looks for specific information about moving weather fronts that could herald the early arrival of winter.

Although synopticians are preparing preliminary models that give a picture of the meteorological situation in the coming weeks and months, which can be successfully relied on, the first snowfalls arouse the interest of not only children.

Will there be snow this year?

What conditions to expect in the coming weeks is of interest to many people. Taking into account recent years, we should rather expect rain in winter, and their precipitation totals should be within the range of the multi-year norm. As for the temperature, here, too, none of us expects surprises, especially after a rather warm, long autumn.

These predictions are very often confirmed by meteorological centers. When creating weather forecasts, they openly say that the norm of average air temperature will persist throughout the country. According to meteorologists, below-normal temperatures can be expected high in the mountains. The lowest values, and thus snowfall, can therefore be expected in the Podhale region. At the other pole of temperatures is Wroclaw, where precipitation totals are also very often below normal.

Long-term weather forecast for winter 2022

The long-term weather forecast is prepared not only for the next week or two, but very often it includes predictions for the coming season. So, many times we have a situation where as early as the end of September and the beginning of October, the first forecasts appear about when it will snow.

The long-term weather prepared by Meteotrack Agro does not predict deviations from the multi-year norm. What does this mean? In the winter of 2023, we will not be surprised by above-average snowfall, let alone extreme temperatures.

When will the winter attack of 2023 occur?

The attack of winter will not be a one-time episode. All indications are that we must expect alternating periods of warm and cold. When cold air masses enter over Poland we should expect both increased snowfall and below-average temperatures. Residents of the entire southern border of Poland should count on the heaviest precipitation. A much lower snow cover will appear in the west of the country.

Intense snowfall may not only cause blizzards and snowstorms, but will also make weather conditions much more difficult than they have been in previous years. Although the sight of snow outside the window in winter should not surprise anyone, a spokesman for the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management recommends exercising extreme caution.

Winter weather - what does it depend on?

That atmospheric fronts bring weather changes is a matter of course. However, it is worth taking a look at what is actually responsible for the formation of such and not other fronts, and what the temperature and amount of precipitation depends on at different times of the year.

When we watch a weather forecast, we get ready-made information, which is actually based on numerical models. These, in turn, are created on the basis of years of observations, as well as the formation of the polar vortex. It is its cyclic process of formation that is largely responsible for what the winter weather will be like. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, based on observations of whether the vortex strengthens or remains weak, is able to predict the weather for the coming weeks and months for the country.

Winter 2023, compared to other years

Will winter surprise the road workers again? Or are we in danger of drought? Contrary to appearances, precipitation totals and temperatures during the growing season have a huge impact not only on harvests in subsequent years, but also increase surface water retention, thus regulating climate change, which is occurring inexorably.

The first predictions for winter 2023 seem to be quite optimistic, both for its fans and for those who strongly prefer warmer seasons. Winter 2023 in terms of precipitation will not deviate from the norms of previous years. The norm of average air temperature should also not differ from that of a year or two ago. However, lovers of white powder this year can rest assured. The long-term weather forecast gives hope for snow as early as December, which is likely to last until Christmas. We will face a similar situation after the new year, when winter periods will alternate with warming.

How to prepare for the winter of 2023?

The weather conditions this winter will be favorable both for fans of winter sports and farmers who cultivate the land, for whom snow is extremely important. Under a white feather, plants are much better protected from frosting of roots and shoots. Nevertheless, it is worth having a garden to prepare for winter before the arrival of the first frosts. Covering fruit trees and shrubs will help avoid the negative effects of low temperatures and will certainly pay off the following year.

Wondering what this year's winter will be like? You want to keep up to date with weather radars to know when and where the snow will fall. Take advantage of our Meteotrack platform, which will enable you to best prepare for the upcoming winter.


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