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Drought monitoring

Drought monitoring

Water is a universal good, access to which is crucial for almost every life form on the planet. As we as humanity are on a path of climate change, water availability is decreasing and will continue to decrease in the future, which is why monitoring drought and soil water resources on your farm is so important.

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Drought monitoring

Changes in the price of fertilizers and the purchase of your crops are just some of the factors that cause you to have to manage your farm better and better, and knowing what the water resource is on your fields becomes crucial during periods of rainfall deficits. Drought monitoring allows you to predict soil moisture deficits in advance and is implemented based on satellite data and direct measurements in the soil. The best solution is a hybrid combination of both sources resulting in the most accurate drought monitoring information possible for your fields.


Soil moisture probe

A soil moisture probe allows the most accurate possible record of the course of moisture over time, while it cannot be placed on every square meter of a given crop, which is why it is so important to supplement drought monitoring with satellite data that is corrected with soil measurements directly at the location of your fields. Weather forecasting takes into account a whole range of different data sources, on the basis of which a weather forecast is obtained, including the amount of water that will fall on your fields. With the MeteoTrack app, you will receive information about the forecasted rainfall, allowing you to better plan your farm's agricultural activities.


Avoid crop losses and increase your yields with effective weather forecasts and weather window recommendations. MeteoTrack Agro has the best data sources - including directly from your field!


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