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Weather for farmers for 16 days

Weather for farmers for 16 days

There is no reliable weather forecast that accurately predicts the weather with a time horizon of 16 days ahead. Experts at Meteotrack Agro have carefully selected the optimal yet reliable weather time horizon of 7 days based on years of experience.

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Check the weather forecast prepared by Meteotrack:

Reliable time horizon

Anyone who works in contact with...

... with atmospheric factors would like to know what the weather will be like over the longest possible period of time, i.e. have access to the weather forecast for as long as possible. However, planning activities several days ahead based on unreliable forecasts introduces unnecessary chaos.

Weather forecasting in mass media

Internet portals and traditional media show forecasts for several days or even a month. The truth, on the other hand, is that the weather for farmers for 16 days is not to be forecast reliably enough to guarantee effective advice on specific farming activities.

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Creating of a reliable weather forecast and a realistic time horizon

Producing a weather forecast involves running complex software based on the equations of atmospheric physics called a numerical weather forecast model several times every day. According to the current state of knowledge, the forecast horizon of the best numerical weather forecast models in terms of verifiability is realistically a week of time. 6-8 days is the period for which models can effectively forecast the trend of change for important meteorological parameters in agriculture.

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Exploiting the recipient's ignorance

From the point of view of the ethics of weather forecasting, those presenting the forecast often take advantage of the ignorance of the viewer, who is shown weather for 16 days better than in reality, because it introduces optimistic associations with a particular portal or online or traditional media and, after all, no one will remember after 16 days what was said in the weather forecast. 

This is one more reason for applying the principle of limited trust to the 16-day weather forecast.

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Meteotrack Agro weather forecast

Taking into account the above and based on the many years of experience of synoptics and scientists associated with MeteoTrack, we have chosen an optimal yet reliable weather forecast horizon.

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Avoid crop losses and increase your yields with effective weather forecasts and weather window recommendations. MeteoTrack Agro has the best data sources - including directly from your field!


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