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Precipitation monitoring

Precipitation monitoring

In weather forecasting, one of the most difficult phenomena to predict is precipitation. The difficulty is mainly caused by convective precipitation, that is, rains associated with warm seasons or warm climates; the source of convective precipitation is storm clouds. In this sense, the forecast of precipitation is always subject to a certain error, which is worth bearing in mind when reviewing the results of numerical model calculations made available as part of various weather forecasts.

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Check out how Meteotrack works in practice:

Meteotrack technology

While MeteoTrack technology provides the best weather forecast in a given location, for the purpose of improving it, it is very important to monitor precipitation directly at the location of your field or as close to it as possible.

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Precipitation monitoring

Thanks to the monitoring of precipitation in the area of your crops, we know which data source with weather forecast is the best, the knowledge of the real value of precipitation obtained from measurements in your field, allows on the one hand to refine our technology and on the other hand gives you direct information on how much water fell on your crops.

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Avoid crop losses and increase your yields with effective weather forecasts and weather window recommendations. MeteoTrack Agro has the best data sources - including directly from your field!


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