A comprehensive guide to soil testing: everything you need to know to get started

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Soil sampling maps

Soil sampling maps allow you to take soil samples in a smart way, which translates into a better understanding of the condition and needs of the soil in your fields.

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For farmers

Thanks to sampling maps, you can better manage your crops and adapt your agricultural activities to the needs of the soil, which will translate into higher yields and lower production costs.

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For soil sampling companies

Rapid map generation translates into time and money savings, as well as easier work management.

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For distributors of agricultural machinery

Sampling maps allow you to collect soil samples quickly and precisely.

Soil testing is a key element in plant planning and cultivation

How to do it?

Are you not sure how to collect soil samples in an efficient and smart way?

Use one of the three sampling maps options provided by MeteoTrack. Choose the map that best suits your needs and budget.

North-South grid

This method allows for even coverage of the entire study area and for taking into account differences in soil composition along the north-south direction. This gives the farmer a more accurate picture of the condition of the soil in his fields and allows him to adapt his agricultural activities to the needs of the soil.


Grid drawn along the longest side of the field

A grid drawn on the map is adjusted to the shape and size of the field.


Map of productivity zones with grid

Zones of different productivity are marked on the map based on multi-season NDVIs, and soil samples are taken from each of these zones. This method increases the precision of soil sampling because it allows for differences in soil composition in different zones of the field to be taken into account.

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Why is soil sampling worth it?

Soil sampling provides an in-depth understanding of the current state of the soil and its specific needs, such as macro- and micronutrient levels, pH and water content.

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Does it matter where I get the samples from?

Yes - the better you designate clusters for samples, the better your results will be. Smart sampling is a very important analytical tool that directly translates into benefits for your field.

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Can I adapt soil sampling maps to my needs?

Yes - you can choose from the three types of maps we offer or personalize the map to suit your specific requirements. Contact us for more information.

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